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Remote Antenna Selector


The Alpha Digital Antenna Selector (DAS), seen here atop the Alpha 87A linear amplifier, provides automatic and manual antenna selection through remote antenna relays.  The Alpha 87A linear amplifier can command the DAS to energize the antenna relay it has been programmed to select for a particular band, or the antenna may be selected manually through the buttons on the DAS front panel, or an antenna can be assigned to each band for automatic antenna selection.  Antenna selection may also be made remotely over the internet through TRX-Manager software.












  In the six video clips below, Alpha ETO designer Dick Ehrnorn demonstrates the operation of the DAS.

Alpha Digital Antenna Selector (DAS) Videos:

1.  ETO Alpha DAS 1/6

2.  ETO Alpha DAS 2/6

3.  ETO Alpha DAS 3/6


More informaiton


4.  ETO Alpha DAS 4/6

5.  ETO Alpha DAS 5/6

6.  ETO Alpha DAS 6/6


DAS Schematic: Page 1      Page 2      Page 3      Page 4





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