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The subject of the photograph above is a Marconi Multiple Tuner of 1907 vintage. These were used during the wireless spark era aboard ships such as the R.M.S. Titanic. It is evident that I am very pleased to be holding one of the first pieces of electronic apparatus used to tune electromagnetic waves.

R.M.S Titanic Marconi Room


IC-7800 Upgrade Version image
Electronic technology has progressed significantly since 1907!

The iCOM IC-7800 is an artistic fusion of over 40 years analog RF circuit development expertise and cutting-edge digital technology. The result is TWO identical receivers with 110dB dynamic range, +40dBm 3rd order intercept point, and unmatched Digital Signal Processor technology in the HF bands, something that has never been achieved in Ham radio! Simply put, iCOM has developed the ultimate Amateur HF transceiver. No one else comes close!

The V3.1 firmware upgrade added many new features to the IC-7800

Improvements (Click the image below)
  • Waterfall screens, mouse operation, and other additional functions on the bandscope have been added.

  • An audio scope function has been added.

  • The USB connector now also accepts USB flash drives, USB keyboard, and a USB mouse.

  • The Voice Recording function recording time has been increased.

  • Transmission recording capability has been added.

  • Remotely control the transceiver over the Internet without needing a Base (server) PC.

Read all about the new firmware upgrade features.

Two receivers means you can use two antennas to implement diversity reception; when the signal fades in one antenna, it often peaks in the other. Even if you've got one of those technically advanced SteppIR antennas, it alone won't eliminate signal fading (QSB).

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